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Volume Set

Dramatic vs Volume Set


  • Volume lashes are made to help create a thicker fuller appearance, by having additional attached lashes. So instead of individual lash extensions (1 lash extension to 1 natural lash), you have 1 volume lash (which can consist of 2 or more lashes) to one natural lash. 

  • Volume lashes will be a lighter weight, (0.0.7 or lighter) and will be light enough that the natural lashes can carry the extensions.

  • Volume lashes are great for concealing missing "lash gaps", from plucking, scars, non-growth, etc. They also help make lashes appear fuller than normal, which are also great for clients who have few lashes (low density lash base.)

  • Another great reason volume lashes are wonderful? They help create more fullness if you don't have a full lash base. This is great news for clients who have a poor lash base naturally, especially for mature clients.


  • Dramatic set will give you a really fuller and longer lashes than the Natural set.  There will be 2 extensions apply  to 1 of your natural lashes, which still allow your lashes to shed naturally.  


  • Dramatic are ideal for client who natural lashes are has decent length and thickness.
  • Volume are ideal for client who natural lashes are short, fragile and had lash gap.

Partial Set 

Natural Set

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