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Glue Remover Gel - Blink


Blink Premium Gel Glue Remover

This is a must for every lash professional, whether removing someone elses messy lash application or just starting over fresh the Gel Remover lays on the lash while breaking down the glue. Other liquid removers will run in to your clients eyes and burn, and will dry out before the glue has been broke down.

How to remove lash extension:

Keep client sit up, apply gel remover along the eyelid, use microbrush to brush down the entire lash. Let soak for 10 mins. Use another clean microbush, gentle wipe down the lashes. Now you can see the lash extension just start coming off the natural lash. repeat until all the extension has been remove. Clean lash with a dry cotton pad first, then give your client a wet cotton pad to clean her eyes. If burning occur, rinse your client eye with water immediately.


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